Not much with introductions and niceties but heres poetry…..


 Love to be true do we need to continue?
Love to last do we need a story with a past?
Love is just now unsupported and real
Without tags of brotherhood romance or betrothal
Love is the unseen prompt to be present in time for action
If two were brought together through co incidence
Love is the silent space behind the instance
Lifetimes are spent worrying about finding love
Looking outward searching in faces and fancies
Like a fish in water pretending to be thirsty
Never to stop and sit for once with closed eyes, and see, that it is love disguised in form looking for love through other forms
How can you find what you are without being who you are?
Only compassion can direct you to the ultimate question and allows you the courage to ask…
Who am I ?
Trying to find the words to define the self
they fall short of anything true
Still I am here more real than I ever was
When I still had name and form
I am the one witnessing and the one being witnessed
Together with being nothing and everything at the same time through timelessness
No logic can be used to understand
I am where understanding ends and Being begins
What do I have to do with love ?
Isn’t love what breaks a runners leg to help him not depend on a limb?
Isn’t love what takes the life of a father to allow a young one to truly grow?
Isn’t love the hero free of opposites uncaring of right or wrong, good or bad , no reference point established?

But the only way to truly see who I am
Is to realise who I have never been
All appearances of body, family, identities and roles
All fall away with this one Blow
All illusions are shattered forever
As I come alive as the ultimate Lover




Now that I have reached here
After an epic journey of which I have no recollection
Now that I have reached here
At this place which in any map has no location
This place which was always here
Waiting for me to claim
This place which does not change
No matter how much imagination tries to release and chain
Now that I’m here there seems nothing more to do
Nothing to lose or find or reach or realise
Gaping open, differences unknown
I am speechless and alone
Or am I?
I imagine I stand at this point in silence
To breathe in a bit of the heady fumes from the trials and efforts put in
But all the air seems to be sucked out of time with past present and future missing
There is no one standing and no point and no silence
Here I am not alone
Here i’ve never been away from home



A second on the clock slides slow

But I am running on this earth which is perfectly still below

The ground so solid not moving

But I Strive to reach the point I’ve been dreaming

I Let the mind devise its plans

But the secret remains it will always be a sham

Control I imagine is mine for the moment

The Truth is, the earth is hardly dormant

Ideas leave me confused in tears

But stillness delivers diamonds and pearls…

Its a symphony too intricate to comprehend

Only acceptance can send a reliable new friend

Lifetimes of pondering our purpose I tire

So I sit back and let the music transpire

I give up the plea to seal and secure

For An end with no purpose, is more sacred and pure



White wouldn’t be

Had light been asleep

Black wouldn’t glow

hadn’t darkness shone

Is it a wonder we bleed

before we are freed?

Right and wrong

in decisions chief

Where all is right

I say wrong brings relief

The Truth being so much as

the intensity of belief…

Pleasure resting in tranquility,

At the deepest end in the abyss of pain

Enticingly calls out in every fantasy.

Free fall through is the only way in,

Who reaches there, a mystery..

In comforts of the shallow

and dangers of the deep

Or atop high mountains

at their thrilling peaks

Within erratic splendid frequencies,

Opposites converge in perfect synchrony

Illusion chasing every opposite to find satisfaction;

Reality reveals in verity there is no separation



You appeared in my life

Offered me no choice

You tore my heart

Like you had a right

Every reason, Fear overrides

Struggled and cried

With you at my side

Wondered, will this pass, this high tide…

Funny how the storms subside

And you begin to feel suddenly Alive

Worth the while to finally realize

You were indeed, my savior in disguise

Now, all I know is a humble power

Infinite beauty, love and color

Abundance in every expression

There exists no separation….

In this bliss all I seek is you

The world blurs in your depth, this much is true

I slowly awoke, to a reality whole and new,

Where silence, trust and intuition grew

Who chose whom I can never tell

Mind being solo host for heaven or hell

Rescued from the gallows, I bow with gratitude

Loneliness transformed to reveal you sweet Solitude


Who Perceives

Who is to say it wasn’t me flying?

Who is the say my face was different as an animal growling?

Who Perceives

Who is to say I didn’t swim in the celestial lake?

Who is to say the dream is anymore unreal than when awake?

Who perceives

Who is to say this is the only world, the only dimension?

Who is to say there is no new born for a subtler simulation?

Who perceives

Who is to prove right or wrong?

Who needs proof of melody in a song?

Who perceives

Like animals we fumble

We learn, we tumble,

We defend, we breed,

We pretend, we feed,

Who is to say we are spared or supreme?

Who perceives?



Every end has a beautiful beginning

The journey in between, intoxicating…

Cannot do without either

It’s a ferocious hunger for the higher

What sustains all this grandeur?

The source traced to none

The regulator of pain or pleasure

Seems a single sense of one

Time a myth the deceptive mind’s block

Only a mental loop can clock

Are we afraid, this precious identity will diminish?

When we discover there is no start or finish!



He stood there on the street corner alone

Smiling, identity unknown

Who knew he would save me from the fire

And disappear with no consequence dire

He was someone I knew for an hour

But imprinted the symbol of an eternal spire

Like the flowing rivers at a confluence

Everything added up with a single subtle influence

Should we re think then relationships

For each seems more profound in their uniqueness

A stranger or brother together we trudge

Time or blood does not play judge

In the moment we may not heed

But destiny, lifts or make us kneel

What a relief we don’t control

This universe so complex yet so whole

A tiny speck we are blessed with ease

Of allowing the prankster to prod and tease

The stranger may strange seem from a distant seen

A quiet subterranean look conveys the being…




Created so different yet together whole

One half yearning for the other

Relentlessly striving to fulfill the soul

Tempted to succumb to the enticing tunes

Wisdom fights to hold value above mental cues

The price being doubt and loneliness due

Patience but rewards enlightening news

Paradox being there is no two

Reality shaded by the obvious untrue

In this glorious fiasco, mother nature rules

But silence delivers a simple truce

Still often the choice taken to forget

And remain the species as we are beset

Playing every game pretending ignorance

As if the ‘stories’ will change, true nature of existence

Is the humble gesture to accept fortunes told,

And Surrender the lies to let the fable unfold?

For there may just be no answers to the questions anguished

Until the mortal seeking extinguished


Growing up

An unfamiliar triumph, desperately attractive

Fantasy luring the slave to new highs

Imagination gushes an adrenaline rush

Holding hostage the soul fraught to stay alive

Craving quenched, not before the heart ceased

The world torn from under, the conscience creased

Bruised to the bone a zombie rises sore

Speed no longer making the spirits soar

Hope rescued from the dungeons of desire

Smiling in a happy daze

Entirely surrendered to the cosmic sire

Nestled in his arms consumed in a warm blaze

A new dawn draws clouds from foggy valleys

Exposing foolish scenes in winding dark alleys

The crazy child lived to tell

The story of rebellion an adolescent spell

Arrogance replaced by a humble rue

Awakened to witness an illumined hue

When All is yours there is nothing to reach

Abundance flaunts when none beseeched…

In all the chaotic frenzy and clamor

Awareness remained beyond all glamour

Witnessing this nostalgic vision

The adult emerges an innocent apparition




Sparkling dots hurling light from above

Flood my heart with torrential love

Wonder gives in to hope absolute

Gazing at divine jewels studded on a celestial suit

What puts them there this blanket of mystery

Alive speaking silently of tales in History

Watching planets and galaxies bloom and wither

Twinkling through immeasurable matrixes forever

Tears spring their source unknown

Gratitude screaming through every pore,

Uncaring of earthly reason or role

The stars far and radiant, liberate my soul


What Next


What next? the mind demands

When desires are manifest by the heart’s command

Wilde quotes sharp with a humorous clue

“It’s sometimes scarier to have dreams come true”

What next? Thinks the fiend persistent in his mission

Unrelenting in his practice to induce doubt and inhibition

He recognizes the danger of losing territory

Self proclaimed ruler of a vicious cacophony

What next when there is no “need” he fears

How will this continue, this complex breed from here?

Curtains are coming down on the mind’s drama queen

A Beautiful dancing goddess sparkling through the heart, beams!

What next? The question obliterates in its own greed

Merged in the moment wonder reaps from infinite adoring fields

Consciousness abandons the mind’s mighty chase

Dimensions are transcended by the hearts divine gaze



Time slowly vaporized leaving residues of a soft paradise

Presence remains a reality where limit cannot survive

Senses indulge in every pleasure;

Enjoying aromas or breathtaking sensations sweet

But can I ignore that none of them please

like the seventh beyond, encompassing entirety?

Higher dimensions too fail to fascinate

This that cares not for any distance, depth or faith

The only expression that honors this sacred grace

Is an invisible stillness in which all matter reverberate

This not mine as a call or task

For who am I if not a spectator cast