There is a state within us which knows nothing. It does not know worry or resentment or jealousy or future or past or anything that time makes us believe is real. Reaching this space and recognizing it to be your natural state is liberation.

The tricky part is recognizing it when you are there. Because it is just as easy to be confused and think it’s nothing and that you will disappear and have no more exciting stories to  tell. Reaching there is simple but the mind can complicate it to a point where you end up searching for years what is right here and now as just this.

 Just above the realm of emotion, vital yet unmoving. Powerful yet open and vulnerable. Liberation is what you look for in every experience. Liberation of yourself which is stuck in an identity which is limited by time. Naturally you search outside and then inside because you know deep down that you are timeless and you will search until you realize this.


Its a wonder how we humans can go about almost our entire lives not questioning how we ended up here on a planet we call earth and have this intelligence that perceives everything. Its a wonder how we can go about not noticing that it is absolute pure magic that we can be suspended like this in space on a planet orbiting a star in what we call a “solar system” which is apparently just a spec in the universe. Its a wonder that we stay grounded through gravity which we have nothing to do with and is a phenomenon we say is scientific but if you open your mind is also a total mystery. Its a wonder that we can be so caught up in the world that we create in our head and fight, and fret and think that we will can be overwhelmed by “life” which is actually nothing but man made drama. Its a wonder that we can live in so many different states while all of us drawing on the same lifeforce. Its a wonder that even with this independent intelligence we can only see what the world shows us through education, media and what our forefathers have told us about how we should live our lives.

But when the questioning really begins be prepared for your world to implode, destroying every idea you held as true.

Because when reality starts making herself known, there is no room for the imposter who is currently occupying this throne.

Its a responsibility few can take it would seem with their commitments to the dream.

Why someone would be foolish enough to destroy themselves for no reason may be beyond logical comprehension for most, but the pull of this current gives no choice to the one who is willing to die into the unknown.

Every relationship fades in comparison to this love affair.

Inexplicably and without your consent it will squeeze you dry of every false notion.

So I wouldn’t recommend this for the ones who have to salvage their means.

Only someone prepared to be taken, will receive.

The reward is a clarity that puts in perspective the past and future by bringing it to the timeless presence that recognizes life as an infinite potential in the Now.

With every possible experience exploding as love exactly where you are.

It was never about God, It was always about You

Born with a deep inquisitiveness of what this is all about, this, being life and what happens the way it does that affects us in so many different ways, seeming like we have no control over what happens and leaving us to the mercy of a very unpredictable “God”, it seems like I have lived my life researching existence. Hardly understanding the ways of the world, but trying to fit in, I had this lingering feeling like I was an alien trying to learn a new way, being from planet where things were very different from how it is on Earth which made everything more complicated than it needed to be. All the struggling and fighting that was too apparent just seemed like a way to point and aspire me towards remembering what is really possible and the truth of it all. I am thankful now for everything that happens and doesn’t, else I would never have been propelled into this search for a unification of some kind, where everything would make sense again.

The crazy part when I look back, is that I spent the first two decades of my life trying really hard to build a personality only for everything to come crashing down when I realized that the concept of  personality itself is a complete illusion. Then the next decade and a half I spent seeing through this broken personality that doesn’t really exist but shows up in reactions and sensations. I began letting it disappear into the void through which everything apparently appears as me and mine and world and other until I was left with a very pure experience of being a human being in a world which is full of beautiful people trying to find themselves in their own ways.

Now every concept is sacred despite its illusory nature. Nothing seems apart, or disconnected or senseless anymore. Sure I would talk more passionately about this than about where I am going for a holiday next. But the worldly matters are just as interesting now that the clarity of vision is here that sees through inside and outside and yet has no location be it inside or outside. At one point I ran from the world while I lived in the concept of being a “spiritual person”. Now I love the world just as much and dance with it just as much as I love to disappear into the silence where nothing exists. There is no need for me to share this or express this or teach it. But it is clear now that I simply love this mystery. It has been one constant in this life that has lived in time and I cannot imagine not engaging with it. Just like a football player plays football because he loves it.

The forum that I can express this love is through the knowledge of the English language and the tendency to write. So using this opportunity to continue to share through this blog that it was never about God, It was always about You and I, which is all the same thing.


Sindhu Menon