The day I die will be the most beautiful day.Not because my life was so hard, but because it was that magnificent.

My work would be done here and I will be returning to my soul place.

Where I will meet the ones who wait with love in their hearts and warm embraces for the time we spent apart.

There, as if woken up from a dream I see myself sip on my favorite soup, carrying with me the lessons of experience from the lifetime spent on, what they call, planet earth.

I may not have great stories to tell, for silence would have consumed me in this place where communication would anyway need no words.

The one thing I will have though, is the essence of the human dance which I would never have imagined was the salvation for the gods.

All that time that humans spend thinking they are the ones that are bound and need to be freed,

They do not see that it in liberating their own struggle, they not only transform the demons, but also set free the ruler of the Ultimate Dimension.

The one known by different names through what is described as religion,

The one they fight wars about but have never found to be in any kind of shape or form.

But when they look to their own hearts through a split second, the flood gates open to allow the heavens to come forth and bless existence.

It is then that I will whisper to my human brothers and sisters that their power is even greater than the gods they worship, if only they surrendered their beliefs in limits and woke up as the timeless.