Know nothing

I have something to say to you and I will say it a thousand times till you hear what I have to say.
Until you listen, really listen…
Hear, what I have to say.

Where you think you are geographically, personally or spiritually is just a visualization.
You are invisible.
Everything that appears to you is a concept ,
Even that you are the one.
There is no continuity of time, neither is there any kind of progression.
Now appears and now disappears for another now.
Unless you believe with a logical mindset that you are seeing the same images everyday, every smallest part of a Millisecond is fresh and new.
You can stay as this to which there is only this spontaneous adventure of eternal delight.
Or you can choose to define yourself as your name, story, personality and what not.

How can you know this you ask?
Maybe through questioning what all this was about.
It's not really rocket science for which you might need a degree.
It is by your own your capacity to understand the truth through your experience of life and time and death and strife.
And allowing yourself to accept that you know absolutely nothing.

Who am I

It came about as I was watching a scene in a movie, where the protagonist is crying to her God about her troubles…
An insight spoke out and asked, "where is this trouble she speaks about when she sleeps?"
Where is her story when she sleeps?
Where is she when she sleeps!?
Isn't the truth that she is that which she disappears into when she sleeps?
Isn't that which is always here and is totally beyond life and death?
Totally beyond being human or anything else?
But you don't want to hear this for it will shatter your world…
You don't want to hear this because, it is just too radical…
So continue as you will.
But the truth will wait for you to finally see that you are that which is beyond all images and appearances …Indescribable yet the only thing that is. Absolutely everything is included within this dream of being awake as a human, or awake as consciousness.
And this needs to be seen through as just as illusory as the imagined stories.
It doesn't matter then if there is silence or noise.
What can you say about yourself when everything including consciousness is an appearance within this that does not appear or disappear ?
Don't even know if it can be said that this is within, for it could just as well be without.
Because in the end it joins the smoke and mirrors that was reflected as yourself, when you see that there is no you…
Only That.


The day I die will be the most beautiful day.Not because my life was so hard, but because it was that magnificent.

My work would be done here and I will be returning to my soul place.

Where I will meet the ones who wait with love in their hearts and warm embraces for the time we spent apart.

There, as if woken up from a dream I see myself sip on my favorite soup, carrying with me the lessons of experience from the lifetime spent on, what they call, planet earth.

I may not have great stories to tell, for silence would have consumed me in this place where communication would anyway need no words.

The one thing I will have though, is the essence of the human dance which I would never have imagined was the salvation for the gods.

All that time that humans spend thinking they are the ones that are bound and need to be freed,

They do not see that it in liberating their own struggle, they not only transform the demons, but also set free the ruler of the Ultimate Dimension.

The one known by different names through what is described as religion,

The one they fight wars about but have never found to be in any kind of shape or form.

But when they look to their own hearts through a split second, the flood gates open to allow the heavens to come forth and bless existence.

It is then that I will whisper to my human brothers and sisters that their power is even greater than the gods they worship, if only they surrendered their beliefs in limits and woke up as the timeless.

Discouraging encouragement toward sprituality

In spiritual disciplines, we usually find advise to not follow desires, to not indulge in extremities, to not go with your restless energies etc. This might work as a fake it till you make it concept. But the truth is, that the spiritual inclination is something we cannot always explain. Especially if it is genuine.  Because it has not reason or rationality to it. There might have been some reason when you decided to explore it to feel good, or be happy or to end suffering. But then you enter a stage after that which is completely destructive to your story in life. At this stage you cannot go back to your old ways of following a good feeling, be it though a meditative or yoga practice or the bliss of the quiet mountains or indulgence in material things. At this stage you are fully aware of the raging war inside you between truth and illusion. And here you had better allow truth to win and this might be at the cost of all your illusions, or in other words your false beliefs, your ideas, ideologies, your bullshit, being confronted and slain by your own awareness of them. There is nothing angelic about this stage. It can be painful and you may not always see clearly. But your love and intention is the only thing that will take you through it. If anything you will walk around with your hair in shambles and barely hanging on to your bearings. But even in this war zone, something inside you might still be smiling, because you know that this is pure grace. It does not feel like the doom that you experienced when you were still a full person with insecurities based on what you were conditioned by. This is a sacred destruction, Shiva’s destruction, he being the symbol for the destroyer of illusions. So spirituality is not for you if you have a lot to lose. Because you can be rest assured you will lose absolutely everything. Not necessary that you will end up on the streets. Although that is possibility as well. But the point is that it won’t matter to you what you lose in the realm of illusions, because you know that you have no choice but to see it through to the end. It calls for a love and faith that is way bigger than all your insecurities and fears. The left brained logical mind might call this stupid. But you know that this is what you are here for. If you have a doubt then you mustn’t even get on this journey. Not to discourage, but that it what it calls for. And if you are not willing to die to this, you could be stuck in a place you don’t want to be and settle for less, which would be a sellout. In the end you will see how beautifully things turn out, with you out of the way. You will see all your fears were nothing but mirrors showing you scary reflections of your mind’s imagination which came from conditioning that was projected on you through the ignorance of the world around you. So you need to go inward and remove this conditioning so the spontaneity can flow.

The desirelessness,  the restfulness, the peace, the silence, the contentment for no reason, are all the result of a true and genuine transformation. In fact if there is a desire, you might as well go with it till it exhausts itself. If your seeking is genuine, then you will set up sweet disaster for yourself at every step, which will by itself refine your tastes to appreciating and creating peace, love and joy as your natural state that does not depend on anything outside yourself. This will be your experience when you, as a person with all your ideas come to an end and silence expresses as depth, intensity, fearlessness, love and purity.  You will then experience yourself as everything and nothing, you will then experience yourself as timelessness.

As you see yourself in this light, your need to accumulate wealth, your need to consume, and you need to chase experiences, will be replaced with intense appreciation for all that is. If a large number of us transform to this state, we wouldn’t cut down trees like there is no tomorrow to build blocks of ugly high-rises that block out the sun and increase the heat. We wouldn’t pollute the earth through excessive consumption of fuels that emit poison into the air. We wouldn’t hoard at the expense of the less fortunate. We wouldn’t hurt animals to wear things we think make us stand out in society and feel good about ourselves. We wouldn’t see distinctions between anything be it people  or other species and hence there would be no wars or terror. We would be simply love expressing love.

But it is your choice.



Personality a disorder by itself

As I read more and more these days about personality disorders of all sorts, it makes me wonder if there is really a personality which is not a disorder. Every description I have read of sociopaths or narcissists, I can associate with some people I have had relationships with, and it seems natural now given my characteristics of being an empath. An empath also needs to find freedom from the pain of being so sensitive to everything around them which makes them just as “troubled” to say the least.

Every “person” if you look closely have all these disorders in some small quantities or the other as we find ourselves in fits of rage or depression or some kind of frenzy or the other. And if you are too balanced then there could be a serial killer waiting to get out, who knows. One thing that we have done so far in the world is blame our childhood and circumstances or experiences for our imbalances. But while they might have had an affect on us, we still have the power to see through all of them if we wake up to our true identities which is not confined to any one type of “personality”.

We are open consciousness that can take any shape and form including good or bad personalities. If we rise above this consciousness and can be the awareness which is aware of our consciousness we will be able to observe our thought patterns, reactions and tendencies from a detached point of view. This will allow the tendencies that we carry to be seen in the clarity of awareness which can then transform it to lightness and love and break the old patterns. It does take some meditative practice to be able to bring yourself to see that you are this awareness which is above all else, even consciousness, and allow it the space to function as your life, an expression of clarity, peace, love and happiness. How else do you save the world from yourself? The world needs to be saved from these damaged personalities and nothing else. Every problem we face is due to these personalities. Our war should be against this illusion we have lived by and our victory will be in transforming ourselves.