You may need an old and run down tunnel to crawl through, and come out the other side to a new dimension, where the light shines bright on the spring leaves, just as it does on the winter snow.
There is no sense in resisting the musty smell of the narrow pathway you need to cross, because you know there is nothing more you want other than to be in the open again.
Crawling right through without being delayed by selfish notions, is a lonely, but the only way to free yourself of being in the hole. Worth the while you would think, and love the adventure, but maybe only in retrospect. Which is once you get to the other side of the ruin.
A game that is intelligent enough to know that It is even better than having had the open fields all along, which you may have otherwise just taken for granted.

But as soon as time in the tunnel, which feels like an eternity, is forgotten, and moving forward was the only choice to avoid becoming one with the rust, then, there will remain no gap, between when you were on your fours and when you were standing facing the sun, sunken in the timeless.
Would you ever then be bored of a repetitive cyclic occurrence, having gone through the worst; sucked into a hole which offered no variance?
Could you ever call something old and run down, when your vision has gained depth and you can see through a lens which appreciates the texture of the instant, rather than the story it represents?
Everything fresh and new at all times is not a fantasy but a reality when your eyes are open and all you ever see is life appearing as your vision. But was veiled while you believed you were crawling.
For the truth is, you always only had your eyes open and all you ever saw was life appearing as your vision: crawling or standing in the sun, was only an interpretation of the dynamics.

Alchemy, the conversion of rock into a precious metal, may need some digging deep and crawling. Finding that treasure and bringing it into the world to share your story of rags to riches, can only happen if you are willing to bear a few bruises and burns, on the way to declaring magic.

Know nothing

I have something to say to you and I will say it a thousand times till you hear what I have to say.
Until you listen, really listen…
Hear, what I have to say.

Where you think you are geographically, personally or spiritually is just a visualization.
You are invisible.
Everything that appears to you is a concept ,
Even that you are the one.
There is no continuity of time, neither is there any kind of progression.
Now appears and now disappears for another now.
Unless you believe with a logical mindset that you are seeing the same images everyday, every smallest part of a Millisecond is fresh and new.
You can stay as this to which there is only this spontaneous adventure of eternal delight.
Or you can choose to define yourself as your name, story, personality and what not.

How can you know this you ask?
Maybe through questioning what all this was about.
It's not really rocket science for which you might need a degree.
It is by your own your capacity to understand the truth through your experience of life and time and death and strife.
And allowing yourself to accept that you know absolutely nothing.

Sharing an An old one called “Home”

Now that I have reached here

After an epic journey of which I have no recollection

Now that I have reached here

At this place which in any map has no location

This place which was always here

Waiting for me to claim

This place which does not change

No matter how much imagination tries to release or chain

Now that I’m here there seems nothing more to do

Nothing to lose or find or reach or realise

Gaping open, differences unknown

I am speechless and alone

Or am I?

I imagine I stand at this point in silence

To breathe in a bit of the heady fumes from the trials and efforts put in

But all the air seems to be sucked out of time with past present and future missing

There is no one standing and no point and no silence

Here I am not alone

Here i’ve never been away from home

Formless is form, form is formless

Don’t look for the formless outside you, or even inside you for a change

The formless is right where the form is, holding space

You cannot let go of one and find the other

It’s Only when you allow the material, you find that it’s magic manifesting as matter

Running from or running toward will never get you there

Stillness is the secret to seeing, that you are the secret you look for, through escape

You were never the fragment in time, you thought you were

You are everything and that means literally EVERYTHING, awake to who you are, always ever HERE

Reactions from the universe

When the universe looks what does she see?

Does she see a world that’s divided and self destructing through reckless consumption of all resources natural and synthetic?

Or does she, see herself, become more conscious of herself who was neglected so far due to ignorance of self?

Does she see different religions and countries and colours and degrees ?

Or does she see herself in a lower state trying to find herself in a higher state?
Do you think you are an individual and the universe is something other than you?

Or do you think that you are in a universe struggling to survive? If that is what you think then don’t you think that is the problem and not so much that you are struggling? The problem is that you are trying to survive as the individual in an unknown universe….when the truth is that you are the unknown universe and don’t need to survive as an individual to be alive.

You as the universe would only rejoice that consciousness is finally waking up to what has been done wrong for so long

A few monsters might be all it takes to get the whole world together on the same side for once

You might be Finally waking up from the slumber and noticing how you have been fooling yourself, and finding in your heart to speak up against what you feel is far from harmonious

It may not be as bad as you think when you look from the point of view of the whole universe
The universe has not felt this elevated in a long time surely, 

While it felt dead with people going about thinking their own needs were all that were relevant within their own little stories

As she feels the energy of the world shift from the mundane to the real, 

She feels the sense of hope and transformation coming through the chaos and fear

“Bless these idiots” she says, “It took their own monstrous reflections to make them finally see, that, that is not what they stand for as the Universe which is Me”


There is a state within us which knows nothing. It does not know worry or resentment or jealousy or future or past or anything that time makes us believe is real. Reaching this space and recognizing it to be your natural state is liberation.

The tricky part is recognizing it when you are there. Because it is just as easy to be confused and think it’s nothing and that you will disappear and have no more exciting stories to  tell. Reaching there is simple but the mind can complicate it to a point where you end up searching for years what is right here and now as just this.

 Just above the realm of emotion, vital yet unmoving. Powerful yet open and vulnerable. Liberation is what you look for in every experience. Liberation of yourself which is stuck in an identity which is limited by time. Naturally you search outside and then inside because you know deep down that you are timeless and you will search until you realize this.


Its a wonder how we humans can go about almost our entire lives not questioning how we ended up here on a planet we call earth and have this intelligence that perceives everything. Its a wonder how we can go about not noticing that it is absolute pure magic that we can be suspended like this in space on a planet orbiting a star in what we call a “solar system” which is apparently just a spec in the universe. Its a wonder that we stay grounded through gravity which we have nothing to do with and is a phenomenon we say is scientific but if you open your mind is also a total mystery. Its a wonder that we can be so caught up in the world that we create in our head and fight, and fret and think that we will can be overwhelmed by “life” which is actually nothing but man made drama. Its a wonder that we can live in so many different states while all of us drawing on the same lifeforce. Its a wonder that even with this independent intelligence we can only see what the world shows us through education, media and what our forefathers have told us about how we should live our lives.

But when the questioning really begins be prepared for your world to implode, destroying every idea you held as true.

Because when reality starts making herself known, there is no room for the imposter who is currently occupying this throne.

Its a responsibility few can take it would seem with their commitments to the dream.

Why someone would be foolish enough to destroy themselves for no reason may be beyond logical comprehension for most, but the pull of this current gives no choice to the one who is willing to die into the unknown.

Every relationship fades in comparison to this love affair.

Inexplicably and without your consent it will squeeze you dry of every false notion.

So I wouldn’t recommend this for the ones who have to salvage their means.

Only someone prepared to be taken, will receive.

The reward is a clarity that puts in perspective the past and future by bringing it to the timeless presence that recognizes life as an infinite potential in the Now.

With every possible experience exploding as love exactly where you are.